OptionsHouse spread pricing

Discussion in 'Options' started by optionsgeek, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. Curious about the quoted pricing for spread trades at OH. Their website says "$12.50 + 0.15/contract". If I trade 20 x iron condor (4 legged spread), would that count as 20 contracts or 80? What would my true all in cost be, including all the little extras such as exchange fees that are passed along? Figured I'd ask here since if I get a screwy answer it's more likely to be called out. Thanks.
  2. 1-877-652-2500 :cool:
  3. Yes, I suppose I could call OH and possibly even get the right answer. However I was hoping to get some feedback from actual users. For instance: how likely am I to get price improvement, will I get quick execution, etc. The pricing seems cheap compared to what I've paid elsewhere. However if I pay up by a penny or two that can pretty quickly negate any price advantage. Has anyone here actually used OH for spreads? How does the total experience compare?
  4. I like them. You will pay $12.50 and then .15 for every contract in the spread. Hope that clarifies. So 80 contracts will be under $25 one way still lol so pretty good deal.
  5. I used to do 100 contract orders regularly with them trying to get in on small price moves. As long as I could sell for .01 higher than I paid I could turn a profit despite the commisions. So that was definitely nice.