optionshouse: Good? Bad?

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  1. Anyone here have an optionshouse account?

    How is their platform? Their prices are damn good.

    I'd strictly be using it for options trading, leaving equity trading to another platform.

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    I checked them out, its good if you like to click refresh all the time, no streaming quote. the platform is web based. if you trade more then 10 contract then it might be a good deal. I went with TOS.
  3. Tried out the platform, hated that it was strictly web based. If your doing tons of contracts every trade, more power to you, I couldn't stand it though.
  4. OP might want to PM Mvic, I think he was raving about the thousands in commissions he was saving in the some thread (not an optionshouse review thread, of which there is another).
  5. I tried them and discovered that you can't trade in penny increments on SPY options when their price is => 3.20 . Also slow platform. Perhaps they'll improve in the near future.
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  7. Thanks guys.

    I think I'll pass for now based on the feedback.
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    Even after selling the stock after 5 days, they are not making my funds available to do another trade. Its very cheap trick they are playing.

    No luck even after contacting them. They are just saying their technical team will look into it. NO ETA.

    I missed big oportunity to do another trade. I dont recommend options house.
  9. I got ripped off on a closing SPY trade today with Options House. I placed a market order to sell and my quotes showed it was 2.23 X 2.20. My fill somehow was 1.84. I called customer service and the rep tells me he sees something wasn't right. So he sends me a screen shot that shows I got a good fill. What that tells me is the "live quotes" I get are in no way an accurate reflection of the market and Options House just ignored me. This is the first time I've ever been ripped off trading and I am extremely displeased with their customer service and support. I can't do business with someone that can't be trusted with my money.
  10. Did you place that order during off hours, like pre or post market? Those times can have very wide, inaccurate spreads.
    You should always use Limit orders, even when trading a highly liquid, tight spread thing.

    I was once considering OptionsHouse years back, but their customer service (email and phone) guys seemed rude and not that courteous or professional.
    If they acted that way when I didn't have an acct with them, then if I did have an acct with them...I'd be pulling my hair out :banghead:o_O
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