OptionsANIMAL - are they any good

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  1. rob c

    rob c

    they teach you about options, options strategies, greeks, and fundamentals. if it's not worth the $$ to you or you prefer to read a book or can find better or cheaper elsewhere good.

    greg knows his stuff about options. he has a fund. call and ask him. good luck.
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  2. traderjo


    SO you will still blindingly promote this and make this claim that he is a regulated fund manager with no proof.. wow how blinded can one be!
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  3. rob c

    rob c

    I didn't say regulated. I said he had a fund. I answered this thread to give firsthand experience w/OA, pro and con. Do what works for you. Happy trading!
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  4. rob c

    rob c

    Sage Mountain Partners LLC
    Administrator: EFSI 646-948-6500
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  5. traderjo


    Could not find anything on the net under Sage Mountain Partners LLC , on the web, and LOL unregulated! no proof of performance / AUM and no proof that it uses same strategy as that soled under education and why it is not mentioned on website? and where are the records..
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  6. ironchef


    Thank you for your posts and appreciate that you are standing up for OptionsAnimal and are a happy customer.

    Like traderjo, I went online and checked them out. Could not find anything at all on Sage Mountain Partner LLC. OptionsAnnimal on the other hand seemed to check out; they have a good BBB rating and claimed to be (I did not check if that was true) accredited by AdvancED, an organization that accredits private grade schools and high schools. The instructors' resumes are not that impressive in terms of their background and experiences. I was expecting many ex-hedge fund, professional traders but they are what I call amateurs. Maverick74, MrScalper, sle, Sig, newwurldmn, comagnum, lawrence-lugar, beerandtrading, Handle123, drcha...., just to mention a few, run circles around them.

    Would I spend $5K+ and buy their service? No, I think some of the ET sponsors and vendors are better and cheaper. On the other hand someone else like rob c might.

    ET is free, populated with professional traders and expert retail traders. Many are kind enough to coach and I learned a tremendous amount of trading techniques and skills from them and won't trade it for any other services, even if they are free.

    rob c, you are happy with your deal, more power to you and from one option trader to another: I wish you success in 2018.

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  7. traderjo


    Just to clarify ,my concern with Rob's posting is not about the value of the Option animal education, My concern is the unsubstantiated ( so far) claim of this company or the owner having a "Fund" which implicates it is a hedge fund properly regulated and scrutinized in a major jurisdiction, anybody reading those posts will think "wow great this company not only sales education but risks own money in the market! BUT IS IT TRUE? a privet "Fund" without ANY THIRD PARTY INDEPENDENT AUDIT OR SCRUTINY IS OF NO VALUE. as simple as that.. so Rob c, spend all your money as you wish on such vendors. non of my business. but if you make a serious claim as you did you better substantiate it. dont blame me for raising the red flag!
    This guys is not even a CTA how can he run a fund where retail unknown investors invest! would that be legal?
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  8. rob c

    rob c

    thanks, good luck.
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  9. DMckay


    I would like to be as honest as possible about OptionsAnimal and my experience with the company. I am an experienced stock trader. I have 10 years experience trading using the Investors Business Daily method. I joined OptionsAnimal about two years ago. One of the best things about this program is that the teachers really care about the students and learning experience. OptionsAnimal is very helpful helping students protect capital with strategies such as the married put and the collar trade. This education also advocates not risking more than 2% of one's capital on any options trade. I really love how OptionsAnimal holds annual student summits to meet and greet the instructors and other students. I believe that this program is catered to clients with large accounts to take shares as an adjustment. Not enough emphasis is placed on secondary exits such as the ratio back spread, iron condor or rolling the option down and out as an adjustment.

    One of the most difficult things about this program is that the gains are very small. Most of the Animal Trades are 5% winners. After paying for the education, I was promised by the sales person that I could make my money back in two months after graduation. I do not believe that is possible without betting the farm. One of the most frustrating parts about this education is that the teaching is not consistent. One instructor is against selling atm or itm bull puts, the other instructor loves otm bull puts with a 75% probability.

    After two years into this program, I am neutral. OptionsAnimal really helped me lock in gains after a long stock run on NVDA, SQ, NFLX and SPLK in 2017. I have several friends that are OptionsAnimal students and the money is rolling in for them. OptionsAnimal is great for protecting capital, but not so making money. If anyone has any questions, I am more than happy to answer. I hope that this helps.
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  10. rob c

    rob c

    That's pretty much what I said about my experience with OA. Instructors care and the program will give you all the necessary knowledge to trade. That being said, I totally agree about the trading aspect. The trades they are putting on for 1 or 3 or 5 contracts which they then watch carefully, isn't realistic for you to do this as a living. I learned there and now trade full time. Frankly, I never take shares as an adjustment. In fact I dont do many adjustments other than rolling the money instrument up and down, and out.
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