Options Xpress vs Think or Swim

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  1. Would be interested on feedback as far as trading credit spreads with these two companies as far as execution, charting etc
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    I would appreciate it if responders could also compare routing options for options with each. I tried to find info. at TOS's site on direct routing, and could only find references to a smart routing system, and I'm wondering whether direct routing of options orders is allowed and easy, and whether regular commissions apply. I'll contact them directly if no one has a quick answer. Thanks.
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    When are they introducing portfolio margin?
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    You can't beat Thinkorswim. They are by far the best options trading platform out there right now and they keep getting better. You can route orders where you want but why would you when they direct your order to the best price automatically?
  5. i've been with ib 4 years and been with mb trading a few years. ib is just plain awesome with the best rates out there and mb is mickey mousish at best and ok for a guy trading just a little. a few weeks ago i opened and account with think or swim and so far i'm very impressed. the amount of tools on the platform is incredible. its very easy to use also. rates are negotiable if you desposit a good chunk. i've done a comparison on quote speed against ib and its just a second or 2 slower which is irrelevant. for stocks i wouldn't use but for options i give them an A
  6. It is my understanding options xpress sends orders to two different houses and then to the exchange
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    Did you ask TOS to match IB's rates, and if so did they include a fee for cancelling orders or self directed orders? Thanks.
  8. Really? I had heard that they internalize order flow. If things have changed, I would be interested in talking with them.
  9. Any difference in fills on indexes noticed by anyone having used both
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