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Discussion in 'Options' started by Slim Harpo, Jul 1, 2005.

  1. As anyone else with an Options Xpress account been unable to launch Dow Jones Streaming News? I can't even though the Live streaming quotes in my watch list work fine.....
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    I have found OX's streaming tools to be fragile in general. If you open more than three or four streaming windows -- as you might do to see regional quotes on several strikes -- the whole thing breaks down. In fact, OX's quotes often go stale (quote is from 10 minutes ago) w/ just one window open.

    I've gotten several huge loss trades because I was watching OX's old quotes and didn't realize the stock was tumbling.

    I recommend moving to Tradestation or ThinkorSwim, depending on what tools you need.
  3. Are you certain that the live quotes are 10 minutes behind with just one window open? I only keep 1 window open and use my watch list streaming live quotes for the stocks and their optiions and trade off of that with no problem...the streaming quotes always show the time of day and that time jives with the same time I have???
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    correct. usually the quotes are right. but, if you think about it, that's worse than their usually being wrong, because if you think they're ALWAYS RIGHT, you depend on them.

    If you depend on them and they're wrong 1 out of 100 times, you are likely to make an awful trade. If you're trading any sort of large $, one awful trade can mean an awful lot of $.

    now, if you open several windows for regional quotes -- which, if you're an options trader, I would think you do (or should) -- you can count on OX quotes going stale many times a day. Guaranteed.
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    I would think if you count on any one broker or one source for quotes you will be disappointed. High probability I will not think any one broker quotes ''always right;''
    especially options:cool:

    Have found option quotes off more so than stocks, no matter the broker or time clock Slim;
    but not a big problem with more than one quote source.

    Have found OX ,5-6 exchange bid ask book to be quite reliable;
    more so than any thing else, however have to manual refresh.:cool:
  6. NEWS - OX news is not currently available. Should be available next week (probably not Tuesday though)

    Quotes - Not sure about regional quotes and option chains, since I dont monitor those, but the regular Level I quotes should be OK. I have been monitoring their datafeed through QuoteTracker, not their Java apps, so if there is some issue with the Java app not keeping up, I would not see it.

    Just FYI
  7. Thanks for all the informative replies!