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  1. Do any IB TWS traders know how to save the stocks options in the quote panel so I don't have to keep building each days stocks options chain over and over with all the strikes and expiration dates each day after booting up.
  2. I thought it saved them automatically.

    Quickest way to get answer is to call tech support.

  3. There is an additional tool called "OptionTrader" which you can use after activating it in the Configuration under TradingTools...
    The OptionTrader can further be fine-tuned as to how much data to show etc. (as there are many expiration months, strikes etc...)
    See also Trading/AdvancedTradingTools/... in the main menu of TWS...
    OptionTrader is the right tool for options trading, but unfortunately too slow...
    I do it "manually" by placing the strikes which interest me on a blank page... :)
    This way, options trading gets much faster than using the said tool...
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    If you're referring to quotes on the Trading Screen, the data should save automatically. Next time, before logging off, try saving things manually by clicking FILE in the upper left corner and then SAVE SETTINGS to see if that does it.

    If you're option quotes are in the OPTION TRADER module, AFAIK, you have to leave that open when you shut down the program otherwise you lose everything in it. If left open, it will be there the next time you boot up.

    I'm using the standalone version and I assume that the web bas version has the same features.

    If there's still a problem, as Mark suggested, call tech support.
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    If you are using the portfolio page, it will only save those quotes that you have a position in.

    Another page should save those quotes.
  6. When I said 'quotepanel', I should of said, 'quote panel' on Option Trader.

    1. You go in option trader
    2. You put "SPY" in the 'underlying' column
    3. You then pick which expiration months and
    strikes you want to see.
    4. This info is not saved at the end of the
    day, even though 10 different markets
    were opened throughout the day.
    5. The computer is shut off over night, and
    SPY and his buddies are no more. And
    I start ove the next day.
  7. You should configure it properly (--> see Configuration).
    Then you only need to click on the ticker on any page and then start OptionTrader... rest will be done automatically by OT.