options vs futures

Discussion in 'Trading' started by optionist, Dec 8, 2003.

  1. I've been trading options as well as stocks for a few years now. I'm now thinking of moving into futures as well. I've been debating the pros and cons of options vs futures. Any thoughts?
  2. does any one trade all three: stocks, options, and futures.

    I've been debating whether to venture into futures and I'm looking to get inputs into why futures might be better than options.

    I think futures are better b/c they don't have the different variables that option pricing models do. However, in options, one knows what's the absolute worst thing that can happen.

    I've been thinking of doing swing trading with options, and pure intraday trading with stocks and futures. Any one has adapted this technique?

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts.


    Options suck, I have made money but more on the investing side than on the daytrading side.

    One of my favorite incident revolved around me trying to lift an offer on the open. I must have tried to get the offer like 4 times.

    I call my broker. Tell him, hey is the guy sleeping on the floor. Turns out after the review of my account executions that the floor was basically ignoring my order. Remember the options floor is open outcry and I was told from my broker that when things get busy they really dont have to accomadate the orders. In fact sometimes they dont even look to see that they are there.

    Let me tell you. I cut down my size and only trade those as swing trades now. However, Options Express has an NBBO guarantee. I ended up closing my options acct. and going to Option Express in Chicago. They are a lot better with the executions.

    This is a quote from my broker - sometimes there busy on the floor and they dont see your order. That's the risk of trading.

    This was my answer - here is my new brokers name and this is where you will wire my money to. Thank you.


    They are like options but tradable in short time. I am going to trade Single Stock Futures and hedge my equities positions.