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    I want to learn more about options and I am considering to purchase one or more courses. So far I have checked out Optionetics, Freely Options , Options University and OptionVue. Do any of recommend one or more of these? I think they are ridiculously high priced, but if one sets costs aside which will be most educational?
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    go thru free tutorials at exchanges. no course will tell you when to trade and that is more important than what a strat can do.
  3. 1. CBOE and OIC free tutorials

    2. 3 or 4 excellent beginner books on options, cost ~ $160.

    3. Read through different threads on ET where options are discussed and ask questions.

    Also there are other seminars that have more info at under $1,000. If you want the seminar route cause of the hands on training and group learning, look for those first...

  4. check out optionplanet.com part of the thinkorswim group. Free "beyond the basics " class if offered near you is really good in addition to what ppl have already mentioned. Do as much free stuff or books before paying for any educational material. If after 6 months of self-study and free classes you still want to take an advanced class then you will have a better feel for what is right for you.
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    I bought the latest options course from Options University with Ron Ianeri as the instructor. Its about 27 cds. The way I look at is if I can get one bit of information that I didn't know on a cd its worth it to me. He goes into a lot of detail especially with the greeks and the more sophisticated strategies like vertical spreads, synthetics, butterflies, condors..etc...

    Of course if you don't see yourself getting fancy this course is probably overkill.

    If all you want to do is buy long a call where you know the underlying stocks behavior then you don't need this whole course in my opinion.

    If you want to be able to do advanced strategies and talk the option talk at a cocktail party then buy it.
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    In addition to all the free material that's on the web and the free sites that have already been mentioned, my colleagues & I offer a free options e-letter that may be of interest. There's a few years worth of archives. Take a look. Good luck!


    Lee Lowell
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    Been doing options for years -- suggest you check out Dan Sheridan's webinars on cboe.com. The other webinars will also teach you the basics.

    I just saved you a bunch of money in training seminars.
  8. Also, be sure to check out all of Natenberg's books on options. It's pretty dry stuff, but it will teach you the mechanics.
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