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Discussion in 'Options' started by xraptorx, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. xraptorx


    I am learning about options from various yahoo groups, reading a couple books and reading various blogs.

    I was wondering if OptionsUniversity is any good and if it is worth the investment? Frankly I see all options (even covered calls - the safest) as something that can blow your account if you are not trained and aware of what you are doing. Thus I want to make sure I understand it all before trading with real money.

    What training would you guys suggest?
  2. dmo


    Whatever course or books or learning materials you buy, really understanding options is a matter of "breaking your brains" over options problems and concepts over and over and over again. No matter how much a course or book spoon-feeds you the info, you will not own the concepts until you struggle with them many times over.

    For that reason, there's no point in spending ridiculous sums (I've heard of one outfit that charges some $25,000 for their complete course) to learn options. By all means expect to spend some money for educational materials, but don't think that super-expensive means super-good.

    I would avoid courses that focus on a few "magical" strategies, and instead look for courses that impart a thorough conceptual understanding of options.

    I have not seen Option University's educational materials and have no idea what they cost, so I cannot comment on them specifically.
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  4. you would probably learn more from dmo in an hour of training than these guys. So many teachers and so few real students, to each his own as they say. :)

    read some of the old posts here and you can learn alot for FREE.