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Discussion in 'Options' started by Bevo93, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. Bevo93


    Can anybody help me with a good, reputable company that can teach me to trade options? I am looking into a few but am hoping somebody on ET has some experience with some.

  2. piezoe


    Thinkorswim in Chicago. Read any basic book on options. Then read the Financial Times little book on options (excellent desk reference.) Then read the section on options in Thomas Carr's book "Trend trading for a Living". It is just out, and has very clear, and correct, guidelines for a few basic option trades. Then read and study Charles Cottle's book, it is the bible on options but advanced.
  3. Mvic


    I have been using optionshouse for a month now their flat rate commissions have already saved me thousands. Haven't had to use CS yet but they tout themeselves as having expert CS so they might be helpful.

    I recommed the original Options Volatility and Pricing book by Natenberg once you have the basics down. Second the Cottle rec by piezoe.
  4. Chance360


    I used optionseducation.org and cboe.com to learn all the basics and what not on options. And then there's a virtual trade feature provided by optionseducation.org and pretty much covers the experience of trading options. Not too sure what you're asking, but I hope this helps nonetheless.
  5. Are you talking about mentoring, or just want recommendations on books and reference sites? It's not quite clear.

    If you're looking for a book, Cohen is an easy read.
  6. Agreed. Got my start with Cohen. If you've already got the basics, then look at some of the other recommendations (Cottle, Natenburg)