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Discussion in 'Options' started by WanderingJew, Apr 3, 2010.

  1. Hello guys,

    Are there any options trading simulators that allow people to practise options trading- real life situations, market movements, hypothetical profit ,loss calculators etc?

    I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could point me toward such softwares, links etc. :)
  2. MTE


    CBOE has a simulator, also some of the brokerages such as Thinkorswim and Optionsxpress among others have simulators.
  3. jamesbp


    Charles Cottle has a new software package called 'Risk Illustrator' which can be used as a simulator where you can

    - analyse either real or hypothetical positions
    - simulate change in underlying price / implied volatility / time
    - evaluate alternative potential adjustments under each simulated scenario

    You will find Charles across at http://www.riskdoctor.com

  4. Thank you guys.

    After checking the websites, I have learnt that they are all real time. I mean I have to create the said strategies and wait for real world market to take its course.

    I was thinking of a software/game where in I can test my strategies outside my working hours and preferably has hypothetical market movements.

    Jamesbp: The Risk Illustrator you point out seems to be priced at $319. Is it worth spending that kinda money when I am basically looking for a game?
  5. jamesbp


    WJ ... Option Trading can be a great game ... albeit an expensive one if you learn the hard way and let the market do the teaching .... are you based in the UK .... noticed a previous post about ManUtd .... if so, I could give you a hands on demo .... James
  6. MTE


    On a Thinkorswim platform you have a thinkback function as well as new On Demand function both of which allow you to do what you are looking for.
  7. Thanks buddy.

    I have looked at the registration process and I can see that one has to give out bank account details etc... Do we have to open an account with them to test our strategies?

    It all sounds a bit complicated... I am more looking at simulators/games kinda thing.