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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Dobbes, Jul 4, 2013.

  1. Dobbes


    Seeking a prop I can trade options at remotely. Looking for competitive commissions and an account where I will not be hit with the pattern day trader rule with <25k deposited.

    I was looking at Maverick Trading, but they charge 5k for education, and I'm not super keen to pay for that.
  2. Maverick74


    You are not going to find anything. Why not trade futures options? They are risk based with no pdt.
  3. Dobbes


    I did not know that. Thanks for the suggestion.
  4. 1245



    Good advise. Also, gains are 60/40(long term/short term)

  5. Don't go with Maverick...

    I would also be hesitant with futures options, there is only a handful of liquid options on those...

    I am with Nonko for option trading (not for long though) and so far no complains.
  6. Maverick Trading is fine. I've been with them for several years. They are the only firm I have found that I can basically trade all the products I want. Seems like everyone else is equities only and the firms that do provide access to options (like echo, Nonco, etc.) don't have good platforms for option trading and their option commissions as pretty steep. Usually as much or higher than retail. I do agree with Maverick74 about the trading of futures options but I don't know what advice to give you if you are looking for a firm to back you with capital outside of Maverick that allows you to trade equities, options, futures options, futures, etc.