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Discussion in 'Options' started by Seanote, Jun 5, 2002.

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    Does anyone know of good option software that provides analysis, data and or an execution platform. I only know of Options Vue and I'm searching for a few more. Thanks.
  2. I use optionsxpress. When I first started it was very basic, but now they have added a lot of extra features. About the only thing they don't have that I would like are volatility skews and maybe some more advanced charting.
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    What kind of options strategies do you all use?
  6. I like swing trading and credit spreads.
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    Do you do put spreads or call spreads? Please give me an example of what you're doing so we can discuss your strategy.


  8. bear call spread ( sell the more expensive call ) if i'm looking for a dip and bull put spread ( sell the more expensive put ) if im looking for a rally. Front month options to take advantage of time decay.
  9. dotslashfuture,

    I use the same play. How long do you typically hold them? I find 3 days about optimal. I've had many turn to crap when I tried to expire them.
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    How about post some actual examples of real trades, so we can discuss the strategy.
    Discussing some open spreads might benefit us all.
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