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    What would be some good options trading books. I`m looking for a technique that Robert Kiosaky Taught how to sell options make money from the premium while beeing hedged? Can someone point me in the right direction
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  3. If you're talking hedging then this one's a light read:
  4. For Options Trading most people will point you to one of these three books (among many others but these ones are a good place to start):

    Option Volatility and Pricing - Sheldon Natenberg
    Options as a Strategic Investment - Lawrence McMillan
    Options, Futures and other Derivatives - John Hull

    Hope it helps
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  5. All options trading books basically preach the same thing; To sell options to collect that instant small insurance premium.
    Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it easily becomes dry and bland.

    For most people, selling options is a relatively safe strategy. -- But no one will teach how to you actively trade them, because they are failures themselves.
    It all falls on that classic Risk vs Reward spectrum.

    Try to tackle and understand the root, heart and brain of the trading animal market. -- If you could tame it, that's where the true loot is.
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    "Options as a Strategic Investment' by Lawrence McMillan. If relatively new to options, you can get a used copy of an older edition for under $5. If you want all of the bells and whistles, pick up the latest edition.
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    Hello Yes lawarence thats the strategy that i am looking for is there a book i can read on how to do it?
    Also i would like to thank all of the other people for answering me
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    Have you abandoned what you were asking about here, Andy?
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  9. Please ignore any option trading advice from Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki. You have sperm bigger than the amount of options knowledge that man possesses.
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    Great comments I am going to take it to heart. :thumbsup:
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