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  1. zeeuk



    Are there any professional European (inc UK) options traders here on ET? Kindly provide some info on what software you use (your reason for choice, costs and any tips) for:

    Liffe, Eurex and CBOE options.

    Particularly interested to know how people find trading CBOE from here.

    Thanks for your help in advance.

  2. jamesbp


    Z ... What products are you trading? ... James
  3. zeeuk


    Traded many products in the past but looking at the index options (AEX, SX5E) on the above exchanges. Considering index options (sp, dj) on CBOE too.
  4. jamesbp


    Not looking at FTSE index options?
  5. gobar


    whats the difference between us and europe options?
  6. zeeuk


    Do you mean that in context of exercise? American can be exercised by the buyer at any point up to the exercise date whereas the European ones can only be exercised on expiry.
  7. zeeuk


    not currently. do you? what platform are you trading them on?
  8. jamesbp


    I use my own platform; if you want to discuss in more detail we can chat further via PM.
  9. How about the forex trading? Is it good for the trader? I think this is one of our choice
  10. Hi James, I'd like to know which software do you use for trade too, If you don't mind please give me more details about . Thanks
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