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  1. I did read the headlines today. Says the same thing. An internal probe came up clean but an independant audit started this week. Nobody cares about the internal probe results, because nobody trusts them. The independant audit will take longer. Then even after it comes up clean they will have to clear up the class action law suits which will take a while. These things are rarely quick and easy.

    I noticed they were downgraded again today too. Friday morning is the moment of truth for your trade. If they delay ER, it really isn't a good sign.
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  2. LDK options payday today.

    Consider this, when LDK was at $26 last week, NOV 70's were going for abuot .1

    finally this one payed off

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  3. typo ..... Last week should be last month? NOV 70 should be DEC 70?

    Good call*, and you did unload the November calls to buy the December calls as you stated earlier. To bad you didn't bump this thread every week or so with an update, I think everyone forgot about it.

    * nice pun :)
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  4. ya, actually i went heavier with NOV calls, and lost everything ... but held some DEC (what i meant), so hopefully i will end up making money, but have t o wait till Friday ... some people on the LDK board got DEC calls last week when the stock price was $26, they made 2-3000% profit ... i didn't get in on that sadly
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  5. This must be a typo......LDK wasn't near $26.00 last week, you must mean last month when it was close to $26.00, or last week at $56.00. Still a very good payoff.
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