Options Swing Trader - The journey begins

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  1. Looking to catalogue my trades and improve my strategies. Please feel free to smack me upside the head should I make an egregious error.

    My high level goal is to effectively trade options in a one to three day time period looking for quick wins of 20% but also watching for the opportunity to take part in larger moves.

    Again all comments are welcome, there is a lot of knowledge in this community and any help is greatly appreciated.
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    great, looking forward to your posts as i'm also an options swing trader. good luck.
  3. ZeightS


    I am also just started my options journey, Today was my first trade -I bought 20$ april puts on BKS @ 0.05
  4. i am aboard..been doing options lately also..
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    Good luck! hope you iluminates us with your trades and wisdom..will follow you
  6. Well this is a little a late... but here are my plays for today. Nothing worked out unfortunately. I hope to get my plays for tomorrow up tonight yet.

    The reoccurring theme of the last several days has been ...pennies are costing me dollars...

    Any thoughts on this? I am trying to play the bounce off of trend lines, how far should I put my entry from the TL? Is there a way to do this based off of price action?

    See the attached files
  7. The Ford play
  8. Something looks odly familiar about this setup ;)
  9. I know... Great minds... hmmm
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    seems you are more into daytrading rather than swing trading. I find for me, holding a few days gives a much higher return (although you have to factor in the stress dealing with seeing your P/L go into the red). With mean reversion for strong stocks and uptrending markets, I usually do better with that.
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