Options Strategies Poster?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by Iceman14, Aug 18, 2006.

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    My old firm has a poster from the CME with the charts of all the various options strategies on it. I am looking for a similar poster. Already checked the CME giftshop and no luck. The two sites that I found that carry the posters are both based in Australia (sharetradingeducation.com and tradinggame.com).

    Does anyone know where else I can get a poster like this? Preferably from a shop here in the States?
  2. Contact the CME Marketing, Education and Brochure departments via telephone or in-person. They should have boxes of those things somewhere on the 9th or 11th floor. Futures Magazine had an option strategy tear-out poster that you're describing in an issue from a couple of months ago. Contact them for that issue or for the poster.
  3. I got one from the CBOE booth at a trade show. contact CBOE.com
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    Good idea nazzdack, I didn't even think to call the folks at CME -- they certainly have been hyping their courses and books to folks on the floor that's for sure.

    Riskarb -- that is an awesome pdf/guide! It even includes info. on the greeks below the charts! I might just print those out and hang 'em above my desk....