Options Strategies for Directionless Markets (Saliba)

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by erol, Dec 23, 2009.

  1. erol



    I was wondering if there was any value in this book?

    I've read options made easy, options as a strategic investment, option volatility and pricing, and (at this time) will soon read Cottle's book.

    Is there any additional information about these strategies that is not already covered the books mentioned above?

    Any information would help.

  2. 1) McMillan, then Natenberg, then Cottle. That's the "proper" progression.
    2) Saliba's book may contain strategies that are dependent on being a floor trader who has rapid execution ability and low trade costs, things out of the reach of most traders. It may be intellectually stimulating but impractical to implement. :cool:
  3. erol


    Awesome, thank you.

    You've just saved me lots of time and some money :)
  4. nitro


    I enjoyed browsing through the books and I think they are worth being in every beginning option traders library.