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Discussion in 'Options' started by jimclark, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. It appears some spreads (Bid and Ask) are so wide in some of the stocks and move very slow it's discouraging to trade options...unless you order fills at your price...(if ever)

    Any thoughts how to trade it?
  2. Stick to the options that are listed on several exchanges with good liquidity
  3. Can you list a few?
  4. SPX, SPY, RUT
    if you like indicies...

    just look for stocks that have over 1 million ave volume and make sure the options have good volume as well.

    Also, the simpler the better, the easier in and out. Str8 option or simple spread. Flies and winged beasts tend to be harder to get out of.

    What are you looking at that is discouraging?
  5. I am interested in European style expiry options in futures index. I had a look at ES end of the month options and find spreads are so wide. Are there any other EOD futures options. Thanks
  6. Hopefully someone else will chime in. Try Posting that in the futures section too.