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  1. What are some options software available that will give me the greeks? My options knowledge base is very small, but I want to look at the feasability of hedging some positions with options and need to look at the different parameters of the contract.

    I have Tradestation, but I don't want to pay the $60 per month they charge.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Pretty accurate & free;
    especially at the end of the day but dont take thier helpful nickname ''near the money'' too exact OR literal.:cool:


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    I copied and pasted the following announcement from TradeStation's web site:

    Monthly Fee for OptionStation Eliminated (effective after 4/30/04)
    For all brokerage clients (equities and options, futures and/or forex accounts), OptionStation, Next Generation Fully-Programmable Options Analysis, will be included at no charge as part of the TradeStation 8 platform (a savings of $59.95 per month for OptionStation users).

    I would assume the Greeks are part of OptionStation -- if so, I guess you are in luck since you already have TradeStation.
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    Check out Option Money. I subscribed and it is about 30 a month and I have been really pleased.
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  7. Yup. No charge from here on out....2 things that I don't like about TS:

    1. No historical implied volatility graphs
    2. No ability to run an options search on a large set of underlyings (unless you type them all in... :( ):mad: