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    Anybody use software like OptionVue or any of its competitors? I would like to see some reviews. Thanks.
  2. OptionVue seems like powerful enough, but it has SO BAD interface ......

    the real best products at the moment Are Omega OptionStation2000i and CQG Options Software.

    Despite of high price charged by CQG they usually give free 7-days demo to try. CQG has the most powerful graphic features, and the OS2000i has the PositionSearch (StrategySearch) feature which is invaluable.
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    I still have no idea of what these programs can do. Suppose I feed bullish and bearish watchlists of stock tickers to these programs. Can any analyse all all the possible spreads and make suggestions on which have the best risk/reward? Thanks.
  4. For that purpose check out--> optionstar.com , optionstation , larry mcmillan's site, ivolatility.com and optionclub.com Good luck !
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  6. OptionVue can do what you want -- analyze a list of securities and, based either on a projected target price/volatility level, price range or a bell curve, provide recommendations on position alternatives based on highest expected return, probability of profit, best case return and worst case return.

    I've been using OptionVue for a few years now and, overall, I find it to be a pretty powerful program. The problem is that it's pricey and they charge extra for EVERYTHING. Still, assuming you're deploying enough capital to options, it's a reasonable cost of doing business.
  7. Option Station 2000i - is the best way to go.

    too much more user friendly comparing to OptionVue
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    Thanks to everyone for their suggestions. Do all the stand alone programs and websites have approximately the same functions? Do any have important features, apart from the interface, that others don't? One thing I don't want to have to do is maintain an historical database on my own machine. The products from AIQSystems have that unfortunate feature.
  9. You can use TradeStation2000i + OnDemand Server

    Check www.tssupport.com for information on onDemand software.
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    Anybody using option-expert???

    How does it compare to tradestation or optionvue??

    Thnx for your help

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