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Discussion in 'Options' started by Pinozi, Feb 25, 2010.

  1. Pinozi


    Ive been using the free version of Hoadley's option modelling software and it has done the job so far. I was going to purchase the full version but its only limited to a maximum of six legs

    Anyone know of any other options analysis software which is like Hoadleys but can do a more legs?

    Just as an example Im in an Iron Condor and did a further month put spread to protect the downside - now I want to model adding some OTM calendars

    I trade options on the ASX so any software which also can use that feed would be helpful too


  2. Pinozi


    I've used that one before but you cannot just input in any numbers and have a play around - it also doesn't load the ASX option chains.

    If it had that functionality then it would be perfect
  3. froluis


    I don't trade ASX but I think you can load the chain using ^XJO
  4. froluis


    PS. I meant on options Oracle using Australia dynamic server
  5. jamesbp


    Pinozi ...Is this the kind of analysis you are looking for?

  6. Try Kai's software (in excel) --and up to 40 legs --very inexpensive!