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  1. ZBEAR


    I Need opinions on the best and worst OPTIONS SOFTWARE.

    I don't want to buy into a NIGHTMARE !

    I'm leaning towards OPTIONVUE so far.


    OTHERS ???

    Thanx All
  2. NKNY


    I was going to go with optionvue but I really don't like the fact that they are charging 45 bucks for delayed quotes. i use qcharts for real time and they don't support it and I'm not switching . Besides , I dont need real time for options anyway. i ordered a program called optionmax but haven't received it yet. I was under the impression I would be able to download it for immediate use and they would mail me a backup in the mail. Well three days later no download , no answer to my email no nothing ....I'll wait till monday and see what happens but for 99 bucks the program seems to do more then what I need ..Cant recommend it until I use it though....


    Nick kohilas
  3. the best option software, best option support, and best option broker by FAR is www.thinkorswim.com

    enjoy !!

  4. Before you buy software, you need to know what you need from the software. Some have good graphs of IV vs. HV. Others while lacking the former may have good scanning abilities. Other web based ones have great scanners but non-existent greek whatif analysis. After trying 3 of the major ones, the best combination I found with good greeks, scanners is a now-defunct company called Bay options. The developer quit the business, so the remaining ones are optionvue-nice program but expensive, ivolatility.com, optiontree.com, optionpro by essextrading, optrack by track data, the plug in for AT financial. Good luck
  5. ZBEAR


    Thanks for the idea's guys -
    I appreciate it !

    Ray K
  6. Mispe


    And what about


    For which I read on this forum a lot of good opinions.

    Somewher METOOXX said is too low ??

    Is that a big problem ?
  7. Maverick74


    Get OptionVue. No one is even close in the retail market.
  8. Bayoption.com beats Optionvue hands down-RT scanning vs. 15 min delayed, less fees none of this nickel and diming BS. BUT the genius who wrote it did'nt want to deal with cust support anymore so it is out ofbusiness.
  9. Best options software ever published is called OSRT3 - by BayOptions. Unfortunately the developer (ex-floor guy) has retired. Try to get a copy if you want to scan (in real time) for situations based on your parameters.

    Just my $0.02
  10. Maverick74


    In terms of managing and analyzing your posistions and your risks it is. If you want real time scanning GATrader, go here and tell me what you think http://www.optionrats.com/Index.htm.

    As far as nickel and diming you to death, I think the software is pretty cheap compared to private vendors and custom made software. Even micro-hedge cost a fortune compared to optionvue and thats pretty bare boned. There are market making firms that spend 50k to 100k to develope propriertary software, so I think 2k to 3k is a steal.
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