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Discussion in 'Options' started by EUR/DOG, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. EUR/DOG


    Hi, I am looking for an option software development company that can make a real time option screen for me. Currently available screens such as poweroptions and similar do not have what I need. Can somebody recommend a good company (or skilled individual) please?
  2. Good luck finding what you are looking for…And be ready to pay a LOT ( no kidding)
  3. dmo


    What are you looking for? What do you want this screen to display?

    For about $100 you can buy the Hoadley Excel add-in package and make your own real-time option screen. www.hoadley.net You'll save a bundle and you'll be able to tweak it as you gain experience so it will do exactly what you want.

    If you are willing to pay a bundle you can look into Orc Trader, Pro Opticus by Prime Analytics, and Options City.
  4. couscous


    Hi, if you're looking a good bundle you can also take a look on core-view options.:)
  5. T-rexx


    I've heard good reviews about this software.
  6. timbo


    Python + Bsoup gives you lots of flexibility.
  7. Nanook


    Your research begins here: http://www.option-trading-software.com/software/software-list-a-z.htm