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  1. http://finance.yahoo.com/q/op?s=F

    Above is the link to options for Ford Motor Company (F). Can someone please explain the point system to me. All I need to know is how much the July 5 call is. The 'Last' column says 0.60 as the price for the 5 call. Does 0.60 represent $60 for the 5 call or $600 for the 5 call. Thank-you
  2. well an option is "worth" 100 shares of stock...so in your example:

    $5 strike is $0.60
    multiply *100
    equals: $60 total for 1 call option
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    Except that the Jul 5 call on Ford is 0.14 bid, 0.15 ask. Never use the last price!
  5. I'm new to this, but isn't that the bid and ask for the July '6' call?
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    As of End of Day (EOD) June 24 both yahoo.com and CBOE.com have Ford stock closing at $5.32.

    July 5 call options are: bid $0.55 ask $0.57

    Last sale/trade: $0.55

    You would pay $57.00 (excluding commissions) to buy one July 5 call option (100 x .57= 57.00).