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    I have been trading stocks for several years now. Started out with optionpreads
    6 months ago and it’s been great and looking for an option prop firm.
    I am not interested in huge $ deposit 100% payout firms…that’s like a retail acc.
    Prefer a firm specialized in options and would like to become a member of a team
    of professionals….I would really appreciate if anyone had a suggestion….
  2. last atlantis

    not sure if they are still operating option prop--someone here should know.

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    ok sir... i found their site, but they are kinda like in St. Charles, IL and i forgot to mention that i am in NYC...i will call them anyway....
    thank you
  4. Give a link, please
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  6. I would be interested in a similar thing in the Midwest. I don't mind if the shop needs a deposit, but I'm more interested in getting some companions in my work and moving bigger positions through the system.

    If I find anything on my own I'll pass it along.
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    What did Last Atlantis have to say? The Prinicpals' bios are impressive, and one of them looks like a former Turtle trader.

    "Prior to his position at Sjo, Inc., Stig traded a sizable futures portfolio on behalf of a well-known Chicago commodity trader in a program that became popularized as the "Turtle Trading Program".

    In 1989, the Wall Street Journal ranked Stig as the highest performing Turtle. Stig has an MBA in Finance from Northern Illinois University where he has lectured in the School of Business Finance Department. He also holds a Series 3 license."
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  9. I believe Torc Investments offers some type of options prop program. Last checked, I think the min. cap requirement was $200k, and I have no idea about the stipulations that come w/ such an acct.

  10. thanks!
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