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  1. Everyone wants success. But how many have seen real success?

    I want to know what success is. Show me.

    What does the historical PnL table of a successful option trader look like?

    What does the equity curve of a successful consistent option trader look like?
  2. If I turn mine upside down, you would realize what a great year I’m having!
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    Here's a graph of my closed PnL over about 13 months (since I started trading this particular strategy).

    In this account I sell vertical spreads on stocks I like. They are $5 or $10 wide spreads centered ATM, 45 or 60 DTE.

    Unrealized $ (22,795)
    Realized $ 101,610
    Avg Return 8.13%
    Avg Days in Trade 24.45
    Current margin $ 75,822
    Positions Open 14

    Total Trades 226
    Pct Wins 78.76%
    Pct Losers 21.24%
    Avg Win 22.61%
    Avg Loss -45.55%
    Avg Return 8.13%


    I'm probably not what you're looking for though. I'm just using option delta to leverage stock picks. I think that when most people talk about successful options trades, they're thinking about non-directional stuff, like these guys that buy straddles into earnings or the guys selling volatility premium or the like. Not my game, but I know plenty of guys that succeed there.
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  5. Thanks for the answers. I am inspired.

    Darcymac you have an amazing record. I wish I could produce the same.

    Sweet Bobby. What happened to you?
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  6. Success is only defined by the trader himself, I would think. Obviously, consistently making profit is the minimum definition. However, I consider that fact I can trade single options and make double my daily wage in less than an hour a HUGE success. That is something that can change people’s lives dramatically. It’s no mansion and super car, but it’s more time with my wife and kids. I used to just tell myself if I could trade and make my wage working my second job at McDonald’s I’m F-ing killing it.
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    "Sweet and Sour Bobby" :D (as Lugar would say)....

    I've gotta say, I kinda miss LL too.
  8. I know. It’s just not the same without him. Maybe Baron will let him back in.
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    Great strategy. :thumbsup:
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