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  1. Any recommendations for applications to aid in paper trading options? Currently looking at Ensign, Investopedia Simulator (any good?) and the paper trade capabilities of Think Or Swim. I see a lot of discussion for straight equities and futures but little for options.
  2. psturm


    QST is a futures and futures options trading application that includes a paper trading functionality.

    The Advanced Options module includes multiple option pricing models, greek calculations, volatility skew charting and much more.

    You can get a free 2-week trial at:

  3. atozcom


    The TOS paper trading from is exactly the same the the real money platform. There is no functional difference between paper trading and real money.

    The TOS platform is design for option trading by expert option traders when know the need of option trader.

    The TOS platform is rate #1 by Barron two years in a roll.