Options on Non-US indices

Discussion in 'Options' started by gman_options, Nov 7, 2006.

  1. I want to trade options on non-US based indices to diversify. What brokerage would be a good choice? I looked at Interactive Brokers, but they want a ton of money just for quotes. I'm spoiled by ToS, but they don't support what I'm after yet. I have no idea what the spreads, volatility, or open interest looks like at this point on the non-US indices.
  2. IB wants a "ton of money"? Most fees are exchange fees which they are passing along. That aside, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, and Euronext are all free. That sounds pretty "global" and pretty "ton free" to me.

    There are some simple options: look at foreign index ETFs traded on US markets and trade options on those. There are many in this category.

    Otherwise, if you're a US resident, the SEC/CFTC will not allow you trade options on practically any foreign exchange.
  3. You can trade eg. Euronext options, one of the largest, with IB. You have to pay for the data Euronext Data Bundle- Level I a mere $5 a month I think, for that you get all stocks and indexes and related options in realtime! I think you cant get it any cheaper anywhere.