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  1. There are no ES expiring in Nov, yet there are options expiring in that month. What's the convention here? Do I receive/deliver the front month (in this case Dec)? Are there options expiring in Nov where the underlying is Jun 2010?

    Sorry for dumb questions, I don't trade these...
  2. wayneL


    1/ Yes

    2/ No
  3. The calendar for these is like that for the bond futures, I believe...

    Specifically, expiries are monthly on the corresponding quarterly contract. So, for example there are Nov9 (SPX9) and Dec (SPZ9) expiries on the Dec9 (SPZ9) underlying; Jan10 (SPF0), Feb10 (SPG0) and Mar10 (SPH0) on Mar10 underlying (SPH0).
  4. Thanks guys