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    Hi all,

    I've been charting silver futures for a few months and playing with SLV options. I'm looking into trading options on futures, with the advantage of being able to set a stop and liquidate if the position goes against me overnight and not get slaughtered by the gap since the futures markets are 24 hours during the week.

    Are options on futures also tradeable on a 24-hour basis, or are they limited to the NYMEX hours?

    Or in other words, are there any brokers who give you access to options on futures trading on exchanges that are open when the NYMEX is closed?

  2. mine does. I trade options on futures ES/CL and can buy and sell most anytime. They are thinly traded after hours and have very wide bid ask spreads...... so know and set your limits accordingly. Many futures brokers do not provide for trading on options on futures I know both IB and TOS does.
  3. Read 4.1: http://www.cmegroup.com/globex/files/ElectronicTradingConcepts.pdf

    CME Group does not support Stop Limit or Stop Orders with protection on Options. Your broker's system may accept and simulate these order types and manage them for you. Your stops will get skipped on first touch. Broker will submit your stop as a limit order and you get filled on second touch if there are any takers otherwise you wake up to a surprise.

    The spread is really wide overnight.

  4. you can hedge with fts overnight assuming they trade.