options on futures for sp500

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by newguy05, Mar 1, 2008.

  1. Hi

    1) what is a good software to view the options on sp500 futures? I cant find a good platform that has the greeks or real time streaming quotes.

    2) What is currently the most liquid options month + futures month cominbation to trade options on futures?

    thank you
  2. You can get free real time quotes here http://eminioptionsrdc.cme.com:443/index.html
    For greeks - Tradestation, eSignal or CQG to name a few. IVolatility.com has greeks, but it is only end of day. Tradestation is reasonably priced, but has some bugs when it comes to futures options. eSignal and CQG are relatively expensive.
  3. is there any broker that has all the software included like IB or TOS that also provide good options on future info?

    I currently just use optionsxpress, it has quotes but not any other details.
  4. I think IB does as well as TOS, but haven't used either