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Discussion in 'Forex' started by Mimimy, Nov 23, 2003.

  1. Mimimy



    I'm looking for a forex broker that give access to options with an electronic platform.

    Can someone help me ?
  2. corvus


    From what I can see your only choices are trading options on the CME currency futures, or trading with the somewhat sketchy OTC options offered by RefcoFX and SaxoBank. Currency options are traded at the philly exchange, but I don't see anyone offering retail access to that market (http://www.phlx.com/products/currency/currency.html).
  3. fxkid


    They offer options trading, and also have the best FX trading service by far. Tightest spreads, most products, best execution....

  4. ditt


    Corvus,do you know if the currency futures are traded only during the hours cme is open or do they trade 24 hrs,I'm talking about the curr. futures traded on Globex.
    Thanks Mike
  5. corvus


    Check out this for options on currency futures trading info: http://www.cme.com/prd/overview_EC2465.html?product=EC&foi=OOF