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Discussion in 'Options' started by Jahajee, Oct 14, 2008.

  1. Guys, these are real hot now! I have been trading C and XLF calls since Friday, with a few ES daytrades to stay alert during the day.

    On any pullback, look to buy calls or vertical spreads in C, JPM,
    XLF, BAC, WSF, and if you have the capital, GS

    As I stated in another thread, C and XLF are up more than 50% in less than 3 sessions and GS is up by more than 65% in 3 days , from 74 on Friday to 122.90 today.
    GS NOV 100 calls have gone from zilch to 28 in 3 days!
    JPM has been lagging but buy any pullback below 40. I expect it to reach 55 by end of November. Buy Dec calls.

    On any pullback in C or XLF below 15, sell the puts at least 2 strikes below, e.g DEC C 12.5 put or DEC XLF 13 puts. Sure, you can spread it.
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    About time to load up on some puts soon then.
  3. I was asked about QQQQ calls. Good pullback today after yesterdays hyper move but I'd rather wait after the expiration or on expiration day before buying calls.

    And, GE looks like it is coiling, ready to spring forward. Don't trade against Buffet. I am looking for 28 to 29 by end of November. Buy Dec calls or buy stock outright and sell Dec calls above strike 26 and higher as stock moves up.
  4. Serious question, and I am not trying to be negative:

    But why do you promote your stock picks here - especially with a poor track record?

  5. Who's promoting ?

    You seem to be having a bad day or week. Just don't read the post.

    Bad track record?

    Let us not interface - we don't like each other.

    Good luck