options on EUR/USD

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  1. Anyone know how to trade options on currencies. where can I find the symbols? Can't find it in IB option or forex trader
  2. swag


    equities: FXE,ULE, EUO (inverse), EUU, probably some others

    futures: 6E (6EH2 is active)

    FXE does the most volume I think
  3. I bought long term calls on EUO in my Schwab account.

    EUO Exp. 05/19/2012 SP 19.00 Call
  4. A lot of securities brokers use XDE as the currency pair on EUR/USD. Sometimes the actual pair is under $XDE or something. To get the options chain you will just use XDE then select the puts or calls stike price and month that you want. I am currently long XDE Feb 2012 135 strike puts.