Options on E micro futures any exp?

Discussion in 'Options' started by traderjo, Sep 16, 2020.

  1. traderjo


    Hello Anybody has any exp in the new Options on E micro futures?
    compared to say the ES option
    in terms of
    - liquidity
    - spreads
    Both specially outside main US hrs?
    In theory they should be in ;line with the ES options becasue the underlying futures contracts move itck with tick
    Any insight would be highly appreciated
  2. MattZ

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    I think that in terms of "being the same" is a matter of liquidity as you mentioned. But, I would not assume it would be a tick for tick. In fact, I think there could even be arbitrage trading.

    We put a few strategies for the Options trader to take a look at.
    The charting is illustrated with Optimus Flow.
  3. R123


    Yes, have traded some on MNQ options ( Not the MES yet ) during NYSE day hours. Spreads a little wide, but to be expected at this point and size. A little rough on steady data ( using IBD ) during volatility, but recovers in a few seconds. Overall worked well at this early stage, as Micros were a little rough also in early days. Expect it to get better and look forward to them adding MYM also.
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  4. traderjo


    Arb! at retail level?
    even using CQG IC or TT Autospreader?
    and to do that Micro options and E mini options will need to be fungible? like the ES and MES is ( in correct ratio)

    With Margin
    With the CC and Married PUT and Collar does it cross margin?
    If it does then in case of CC do one have to be LONG futures first and then sell the option so the platform reduced the margin for soled call
    or is there single order execution for these 3 types?
    and then I guess the next obvious question is is this doable with ES futures and its Options?
    IB does not do it
  5. vanv0029


    I think MES futures options do now arb to ES. In fact I think thinly traded
    ES options arb to MES in over night trading. MES options are good for
    forward testing. My great but probably wrong idea is that in periods of fear of
    market decline MES put price will be too high in the over night session and will
    return to more rational levels in the day session.
  6. traderjo


    Are you referring to ES Futures to MES Futures or ES future Options to MES future Options?
    Becasue the two futures are almost tick to tick are they not? and even if they are arbed as you say would it be at all possible at retail level?
    I had heard ( and tried on CQGIC ot TT Autospreader) a Arb of 1SP futures x 5 ES futures in Globex AFter US hrs
    On Sim it showed profit and some times getting hung but that was sim .. in real life ! perhaps only for very high end co lo players!
  7. SumZero


    Does Interactive Brokers have those available ? I couldn't' see any option line when writing MES or MNQ.
  8. R123


    Yes, stick with MES, MNQ market data has been a little sketchy, hopefully this will improve. To get data, click MES contract and select OptionTrader, if your using TWS platform.