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Discussion in 'Options' started by TGM, May 5, 2008.

  1. TGM


    Anyone trading options on Crude Oil (nymex) electronically?

    I noticed that they can now be pulled up on IB.
  2. dstod


    They can be pulled up but can't be traded. I tried picking up some June 116 puts today and got an error message when I tried transmitting the order. Too bad because these things really move. I was following the June 116s when Crude was at 111 last week and they were trading around 1.40. Today they skyrocketted to 5.50.

    This is the response I got from IB:

    Dear Trader,

    Those option contracts are not yet available for trading and are in the process of being developed.

  3. TGM


    IB told me they are in the pipeline and should be tradeable in a week or two
  4. TGM


    here is the exact quote

    "coming. waiting on clearing configuration.
    maybe 1-2 weeks. we've been working on it a while."
  5. funny....

    i (and many others) eagerly await those also...

    ib guys do you hear?
  6. dstod


    That's great news! Trading the CL contract is whipsaw city. I'd much rather prefer the futures option.
  7. Quark


    How about an update on being able to trade NYMEX crude options?
  8. what is the ib symbol, what are the strike prices available IB?
  9. snowbash


    Use the guided search

    Input CL into a blank cell, hit enter

    -> pick Futures Option from menu
    -> pick Month / year
  10. dstod


    These may be avail. for trading on IB now. I just put a limit order in for the July 119.5 puts and it allowed the order to go through. A few weeks ago that was not possible.

    Will test again tomorrow during live trading.
    #10     May 26, 2008