options on crude oil ?

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  1. there are no options for QM , can you trade options on the big contract on the internet ?
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    Ask IB to add them for COIL, they exist but are not on their system yet.
  3. Bwahaha, if you mean trade them electronic order book style ala emini options the answer is no; most any futures broker though will let you trade CL options through the pit.

    If you do, only trade a high OI liquid strike; even then be prepared to pay a 10 cent vig to the floor - with limit orders they'll sit on them all day unless the market blows through your price.
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    COIL is IPE brent crude on IB, come on add the options.
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    Coming in a few weeks..... :D
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    While we have IB here!

    1. Volume traded and bid/ask for asian option markets?

    2. Liffe commodity options on cocoa,coffee, sugar etc, when are they coming?

    3. Volume traded for options on futures? e.g ES NQ ER2 and fx

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    "Volume traded and bid/ask for asian option markets?"

    The KOSPI has THE BEST options market in the world: electronic, extremely liquid and the spread is 1 tic (at-the-money). No need to fxxx with the floorguys! Supposedly IB is bringing it to us soon!
    :D :D :D
  8. The KOSPI is wild, it is the most liquid future in this solar system - even more liquid than the German Bund, and it moves, it moves... I just need to find a broker that trades that Future...:cool:
  9. KOSPI - liquid as a wet dream. Outright revolutionary. Never would have imagined it 'til I traded it.

    I could really see other futures products eventually restructured to trade as liquid as KOSPI.
  10. So US citizens living in the US using IB can't trade the KOSPI? What is so special about the KOSPI that makes it desirable? Is is the contract size? nature of the participants, ETc. Thanks
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