Options on commodity and currency futures.

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  1. I'm looking for suggested products and underlyings to trade options on commodity and currency futures. My broker is IB, and so if possible I would like to stay with them and use options that are listed on US exchanges. I want to allocate a couple MM to each underlying and so I want to trade things which are more liquid, decent spreads and good execution. Staying with futures for 1256 treatment. The goal is to get a well diversified portfolio. Mostly trading fronts and mid months.

    Currently thinking of


    Any other suggestions, underlying(s) that people would suggest? Feedback regarding execution, market depth, and experiences most welcome. Thanks!
  2. I trade CL option spreads , near the money, with no liquidity problems. With IB.
  3. Thanks. I think I'll be in that market, also looking for options on currency futures. Globex seems to have some but my screen is not showing a lot of open interest there.
  4. Do ETF's qualify for 1256?

    • FXE - CurrencyShares Euro Trust
    • FXB - CurrencyShares British Pound Sterling Trust
    • FXC - CurrencyShares Canadian Dollar Trust
    • FXA - CurrencyShares Australian Dollar Trust

    Options are available, but the spreads/volume might be a problem.

  5. Yes the basis for some of the ETFs is small and so I would need a ton of contracts, probably excluding me from their use unfortunately.
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    The active products would be Euro and JPY. Check Swiss Franc, too.