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Discussion in 'Options' started by maninjapan, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. I'm looking for some options newsletters, subscriptions services or similar ( paid or free) to help build my options trading knowledge.

    Does anyone know of any decent services available? Im looking to learn how to fish, not just be handed one, as the saying goes..
    futures options, ETF's, VIX related would be great.

    Hope someone can offer some suggestions!
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  3. i strongly suggest against paying for any newsletters if you're looking for knowledge - you can get that for free and w/ zero conflicts of interest on the internet.

    ask yourself what knowledge you want to acquire first then ask what type of trader you want to be (time frame) and want types of strategies you want to use (directional, sell premium, etc).

    in summary, don't spend any money on newsletters period. if you need help finding resources let me know or post it here.
  4. Frank, thanks for the reply. In general, I definately agree. To date I am mostly self taught and save a few books I have purchased I have found most of what I know for free. What I am looking for is some new trade idea generation ( in options). The idea behind the newsletter option is picking up a new strategy while following along with real time examples.
    I'm looking for short to medium term holding period, no specific strategy as such, but I lean towards a more systematic approach to trading. If you could point me in the right direction towards any good threads, blogs I am most definitely all ears.

    A blog by the name of vixandmore is one that I have started reading.
  5. vixandmore is a great blog, you can go to finviz look up optionable, earnings date after market close, or look up the next few days and play earnings. There is $$ to be made/lost on direction, vol collapse, nothing wrong with increasing your knowledge but why pay for someone else guesses.

    see attached
  6. The famous Andy Zaky newsletter?
  7. Thanks for the ideas,(except for the zacky one). I will take a look at them and let you know how I get on
  8. here's another site i have in my rss feed


    like i said before, use options as a tool to express your strategy which is best for you - options aren't a strategy in and of themselves.

    for ex, i swing trade based on mean reversion and use a tight price stop and time stop (no more than 3 days). if i'm wrong the loss is small and if i'm right the gain is at least 2x my risk. this is best for my personality b/c i can't stand to be in a position anymore than a week b/c i would get bored and i'm more short term.