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  2. I've learned a lot from Dan Sheridan on his CBOE webcasts. I've never tried his mentoring service, though.
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    Go with Dan.
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    Dan is very good
  5. Neither. Spend your money on a few books then trade one lots. By the time you have used up your mentoring fees you should know much more than what any of those two could've taught you.
  6. I do know one person who signed up with Dan and has been very pleased. It does probably depend on your level and where you want to be, but importantly do you inherently agree with their methods and approach.

    While I don't disagree with rally as I'm self-educated, it may shorten the learning curve time frame. The most important thing is if you can take away a sense of confidence and a strong grounding in options trading that leads to successful independing trading then I think it would be worth it.

    If you do it...come back next year and tell us how your doing:D
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    Dans course is well worth it. Again you have to buy into his concept of trading for premium.He spends more time on how to stay out of trouble than anything.he is also always accesable.
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    Let's see. How many traders are buying books, paying "tuition" to the market, and still blowing up their account.

    A "few books" is not the answer. He teaches stuff you don't find in books.
  9. I have family in Chicago, so I thought I'd take a vacation this summer and go to one of his seminars at the CBOE.

    He will also discount the amount of the seminar towards his mentoring. I'll evaluate the situation after the seminar, but am leaning towards paying the 5K....hell, I lost that much on paper in HPQ today. :(
  10. LOL Yes, you are correct. I havent seen any books recommend selling cheap gamma to generate income but i am sure if i looked in B&N i can find a couple.

    I didnt say a few books will surely make one profitable, but neither will any of those two. Paying for an options theory regurgitation is a losing proposition given its all available for free. There are no secrets in options trading. Give me one of those secrets and i will link you atleast 3 free references. :)

    BTW, what makes you think Dan is even profitable? Would you pay money for a mentor who is losing money?
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