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  1. I started a thread several months ago re: options mentoring programs. several people asked me to give feedback regarding my experiences. I decided to go w/ sheridan mentoring and I am extremely happy. I would recommend them to anyone and feel that they have the best program out there that I have come across.

    they have been honest and knowledgeable. I have no complaints and I have been profitable consistently. I don't feel there is another program out there that can compete w/ their overall package. I recommend them w/o qualification.

    feel free to ask any questions.


    p.s. there were numerous people who said things like "OH, don't waste your $$, read a few books and just go get started. for the same $6K you can teach yourself". I vehemently disagree w/ that sentiment and feel a good mentoring program speeds up your learning process 10X.
  2. I agree with a good mentoring program speeding up your learning process, but I think that it's extremely important to read, read, and then read some more before you spend the $ on a program. If you don't read and study first, you don't know what you don't know, and it's hard to ask intelligent questions.

    Besides, let's face it, options aren't for everybody. Maybe after 6 months of studying, someone will figure that out before shelling out the cash.
  3. I have a question. Is Dan as wired in person as he is on video?
  4. What do you think :



    they aren't review of the mentoring programs to option trader...
  5. I'm having a tough time deciphering that sentence, Vash. What does it mean?
  6. the guy from sj options was a student of dan S. not a pro trader. overall course is much cheaper, probably for a good reason. I looked into it and then passed. I think that sheridan is much better.

    I also carefully evaluated optionetics, options university, online trading academy, investools, riskdoctor (cottle), optionvue mentoring and several others. I always found something I did not like. The sheridan course is just about perfect for my needs.

    best of all, you are a memeber for life and can watch his training videos forever. He is a respected name in the field as well.

    ABOVE ALL ELSE, I AM, IN NO WAY, WORKING FOR THAT PROGRAM. I am a student and just offering my honest opinions. Feel free to check out my prior posts when I was also asking for input as to which programs were worthwhile.

    I have already been profitable for a few months running. I am, in all honesty, still only trading single lots, but that's how to start.

    as to Dan S, himself. He is excellent. I love him. No, he's not that wired.

    goodluck to all of you. If anyone has any additional ?? feel free to ask.


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    Excellent point. A few years back I "shelled out" a few hundred $'s (vs $1000's) for Red Options courses w/TOS. Didn't get as much value as I should have since I didn't have enough experience at that time to get a good perspective of their strategies. I've done a few hundred spreads since then and plan to retake the TOS courses again, which I'm sure I will get more out of. After that maybe $7k for Dan S. Seen many of his videos, seems like a cool guy. He does have 1 day seminars, might try one of those to see what he is like in person.
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    you could just go to the www.thinkorswim.com chat archives and learning centers and learn options from them for free.
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    Yes, you are correct. Many, many hours of great content on there. A good way to begin and stay current.
  10. I am also a tos customer. The material at redoption and optionplanet are very good, but only a good way to begin. for those of you considering beginning trading, my honest opinion is that those courses are, in no way, a suitable substitute for expert mentoring. Whichever course you choose.

    I have read mcmillan, natenberg and most of cottle. I have also done the tos courses that pertain to my trading. they are not a suitable substitute for real time learning with an experienced trader looking over your work.

    to think that you're going to go to tos archives, read the free material and be ready to trade well is ludicrous. maybe after screwing up a whole bunch of times you could get the hang of it, but why would you do that??

    You can either do things the hard way or the easy way. the hard way is to lose a whole bunch of $$$ first and then come to your senses. The easy way is to suck up the cost, sign up for a really solid course and learn from a professional, before losing $$$.

    the mentoring i have rec'd has pushed me up the learning curve 10x faster than I could have come just by reading and papertrading alone. No doubt in my mind. I still have a long way to go. Trading is very hard and takes much study and practice.

    $6K-$8k is a small price to pay for what you can glean from a really good course. You can make that all back plus a lot in just a few months.

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