Options Market Winners & Losers

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    Options Market Winners & Losers
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    by Mark S. Longo

    The battle for options dominance continued unabated this month. Below is a breakdown of the overall market share numbers for July 2008:

    July 2008 Total Options Market Share (% Increase/Decrease From June 2008)

    1. CBOE: 34.44% (+1.3%)
    2. ISE: 27.78% (+3.7%)
    3. PHLX: 14.63% (-4.7%)
    4. NYSE Arca: 11.43% (unchd.)
    5. AMEX: 5.38% (-12.2%)
    6. BOX: 5.28% (-2.9%)
    7. NSDQ: 1.06% (+27.7%)

    The NASDAQ Options Market continued its climb up the options ladder in July. The exchange added substantially to its June market share. This allowed NASDAQ to clear the dreaded 1% mark much earlier than expected.

    As predicted, the CBOE added to its market share in July. With the market in turmoil and the VIX moving dramatically, many customers turned to SPX and VIX options. These are proprietary CBOE products, giving that exchange an edge during turbulent market conditions...

    full article and long-term winners & losers chart available here:
  2. Seems like the NASDAQ is really crawling its way up the options charts.

    When do you think they will beat the BOX?