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  1. Hey guys,

    My first post here. I attended the free Options made easy intro seminar yesterday where they were basically selling their software for $3,000 and tackin on a 1 day class to make it seem like you are paying for an education. I am skeptical but am a newbie and so were a lot of others there. It almost seemed worth it to have a software do most of the work for you. As a newcomer to trading, most of us want to jump in and get our feet wet as soon as possible. OME seems like it will allow me to start trading withing a few weeks, instead of months of reading up and reasearching to make my first trade.

    What do you guys thinkg of OME? I know most everybody despizes Wizetrade, but they said this is better than Wizetrade and that a "much improved version 7.0" of OME will be coming out in a month or two. Has anybody ACTUALLY used it?

  2. Return it immediately for a refund. Research before spending your money.

    - Spydertrader
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    You need to do your own work...no green and red to help

  4. Where in my post did I say I bought it?

    EDIT: Sorry, just to clarify i didn't buy the product, but i saw 12 people RUSH to the back tables to buy this thing. THats $36,000 profit for them, when the most they spent was $1,000 on that seminar room.
  5. I apologize for misinterpreting your post.

    - Spydertrader
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    This is a James Dicks affiliated company.

    Do an online search.
  7. No worries, and thanks for your help!
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    One of my trading friends love to buy stuff too. Like most of her stuff she went to the training with me as a guest. She never use it, probabily over 2 years now.

    It is one of those MA & fresh crossing w/ ITM options. 2 guys I talked to use it to swing trade stocks & make money on it. They are old timers.

    If you know someone can mentor you, maybe it will help you. If you are a newbie, chances are it may not work out for you since you may not stick with learning trading.
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    Tyler D;

    Easy & trading seldom go together in same sentence;
    especially options.

    Research before spending your money;
    good risk reward on books with money back promise:cool:
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