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  1. I have come across an on line trading advisor called Options-Intelligence. I can't seem to find any happy or unhappy subscribers to their service. They must feel good about their service as their price has increased to $999 one time charge. They show incredible results but when pressed, they give buying signals for their favorite 13 stocks, options on them anyway and they do their buy every month on the same date at close but they do not tell when to sell. Their huge gains recorded are taken from the maximum high you would have achieved had you a crystal ball to know the high at the time. How could such a system result in 5 day returns that exceed 200%+??

    Anyone with any direct experience, please fill me in. If true, it is to good to be true, if not true or if there are to many "gotchas", I'd like to know before I pony up a grand, you know what I mean?

    Waiting for feedback from actual users and not speculators who haven't gotten any real input. If I do go ahead, I will keep all who would like to know, what my experience is! Send me a message if you want to reach me directly.

  2. Your very first post with a link....sweet...

    You might be able to grab that domain name as it is due to expire in approx 4 months..unless they drum up some business by <strike>spamming</strike> posting about it. :mad:
  3. Are you saying that Options-Intelligence is going out of business and letting their website go? Where did you get that? Please, tell me specifics, I don't want ramdon speculations after reading their site, I can do that for myself. I am looking for people who are or have been subscribers to that site. www.options-intelligence.com is the site. Thanks for your strange input
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    It expires in november.
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    IMO any website that gurantees gains and uses a calculator on their site to determine how much you would have made with them sounds like a BS service to me.

    just my .02
  6. I asked for specific from people who have traded with their advice. anyone has .02 cents, do you want mine? Don't buy CMKX.

    thanks anyway.
  7. All for just $999, Wow!! How can they afford to give away their precious info that cheap??? Who needs a guarantee these guys are gold, where do I put my ccard #?? Im blinded by the enormous wealth these pro picks are going to put in my account!!! I can't wait to the market open tomorrow so I can start!!

    Come on!! :p :p
  8. Just for kicks, and I will probably be sorry for starting a dialect with you two, but why don't you tell me what your return on investments were last month? Last 6 months? I need to know how to rate your 2 cents. FYI, I have made 10% during both. Looking for more.
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    nobody here trades from guranteed advisors. i tried to help out because i use some legit paid sites and they don't say things like GURANTEED or CALCULATE YOUR RETURN!
    no reason to be a bitch about it freddy.
  10. So, you are word adverse? Discount people because of their specific words on their site? You forgot to tell me what kind of montly return you are achieving. I'm waiting and it isn't be pedaling the Bull Shit here. I don't like know it alls, that's why I asked specifically guys like YOU to not respond. I don't need your inexperienced 2 cents worth, thank you anyway.:p :) :D :eek:
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