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  1. copa8


    anyone have experience or knowledge of the strategy offered at http://options-intelligence.com/index.htm? i'm thinking about purchasing their options strategy, but want to gather some info on it first. all comments/advice would be appreciated.
    thanks in advance.
  2. Don't hold your breath waiting for success ...
  3. Wiener


    "Twenty-five percent month in and month out adds up over time. "

    All for $499. Looks like a no-brainer to me :D
  4. Maybe the State of California should purchase the program to make up for their deficits.:D
  5. deepitm


    Their FAQ page implies that they charge $499. If you go to their order page it is $799.
  6. ges


    I'll go way out on a limb :D and suggest that their claims are BS. :D It's another Barnum and Bailey sucker play and they are waiting for the next one to come along.

  7. lindq


    First clue of danger - no contact information such as an address or phone number. Second clue - they apparently do not respond to e-mails, as I was also curious about their claims. Third clue - payment is handled by a third party. So no trace to the site owners. Fourth clue - web site was developed by a college student.

    Get the picture?

    There was a single time in my trading career when I fell for a web pitch, and only because they seemed sincere about refunding my money if not satisfied, which they eventually did. It was a site promoting what seemed to be a logical strategy of buying stocks that were slotted to join major indexes, such as S&P, Wilshire, etc. But when I received the material, these buttheads had based all their calculations on buying a stock at the LOW of one day, and selling at the HIGH of the following day, without any clue as to how define the high or a low on those particular days. That was the source of their backtested claims! When I politely pointed out that their claims were either stupid or fraudulent, or both, at least they refunded my money. But one can't always count on that.
  8. copa8


    to all: thanks for all your responses. btw, found out that the options strategy mentioned has something to do with open interest and volume.

    to lindq: thanks for the heads-up. also, i believe the web pitch you fell for is called The Index Adjustment System http://www.stockstrategy.net/
  9. lindq


    Yes, that was it. The Index Adjustment System. I notice that they are still selling their crap on the web, long after I reported them to the FTC. So much for our taxes at work.
  10. ges


    Seems it is very easy to get around whatever laws there are. Look at Indigo. A complete scam and all they ever got was a very light slap on the wrist. Had to put up a whimpy disclaimer. Buyer beware.

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