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    Does anybody know which EDAT Broker allows you to trade options in an IRA account? Thanks for your help.
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    for those of you who have been asking....

    as of today options are offered in IRA accounts for IB.

    You will need to "upgrade" your account type via the web site.

    stock cash ira -> covered options

    Other Choices are available to change account types as well:

    Stock Cash -> covered options, stk margin, stock and options
    stkmrgn -> multicurrecny stkmgn, stk and options
    and a couple of more.
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    There are several that will permit buying options in IRAs. Cybertrader allows covered calls as well as Etrade and popssibly scottrade.

    Benjamin and Jerold allows spreads - www.stockoptions.com
    I used to use them but no longer do. They have higher fees that I like but provide a weekly newsletter with recommendations.

    Good Luck. -)
  5. "as of today options are offered in IRA accounts for IB."

    def, that's great news !! My IB IRA account was just approved. I'll definitely take advantage of the opportunity to trade options. :)