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Discussion in 'Options' started by LakeTrade, May 15, 2010.

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    Does anyone use an options front end for IB? Front end may not be the correct terminology but I am just trying to find an option analysis software/platform that is interconnected with IB that would allow would allow the two programs to work as one. Ie.: Evaluate a position, look at the greeks and then place a trade with a click without having to re-enter everything in IB.

    I have looked at different option software offered in the Partners Program at IB but everything appears to work separately.
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    is there anything?
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    livevol x?
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    Livevol X is an introducing broker for IBKR. You will be able to use LVX as a complete stock options trading front-end and still use TWS ( On a separate computer, if you want.). As can be expected, you can only run one instance per login. I suspect they have different permutations of the product for institutional clients.

    They recently added Futures trading, but trades and execution will not be done on the LVX side. Multi-Asset functionality will take some time to appear on LVX. LV built their franchise on stock options data and analytics like ivolatility. Multi-broker might be in the wings since they recently offered Livevol pro to Tradier customers.

    The only thing I don't like is they charge $1.50 futures and fop commission when everything is done in TWS anyways.

    For a multi-asset and multi-broker front-end, check out Silexx Obsidian.
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    Ok so now my main broker is IB.
    Can i ask interactive brokers to make livevol my introducing broker retroactively,(thenadd some more money to my account to reach the 35000 that is needed to get the platform free.?)
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    I doubt it. IBKR back office is known to be somewhat inflexible with re-classifying accounts. Could be a legal thing, could be IT. I don't know.

    For some future proofing, do ask the LVX guys if you can run under a Friends and Family structure. I am assuming you already know the twists and turns around advisor accounts at IBKR. Account management is still via IBKR website rebranded as LVX.
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    I wonder how safe it is to park some money at LiveVol if they are losing money?
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    I don't really know the answer to that. Hopefully, the data goes on sale.

    Seriously, our beloved forum sponsor might be able to answer that but he might be legally tied in saying anything potentially negative about a competitor.
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