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  1. Why aren't there options for forex? Am I totally missing something here? Sorry if this is a moronic question, but I have no idea.
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  3. gkishot, have you used IKON, either for options or spot?
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    Yes, I use IKON for options and spot. The minimum lot size for EUR/USD is 10k, for other pairs and metals it's 100k. No realtime p/l for spot. But it's realtime for options. They are 2 separate platforms for options and spot.
  5. they seem to have pretty wide spreads, for spot fx at least... how are they on options? last i looked, saxo's bid/ask spread on options was of 0.10 (10 pips of underlying) pretty much across the board i think...
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    15 pips across the board.
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    Way better igindex
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    How a casino is better than the free financial markets?
  9. traded lots of binaries with ig and quite a few fx options; spread is huge and the company operates like a bucketshop, using tricks from widening the spread to the absurd to cutting off the mkt the instant u try to enter trades if they fear u have a good chance of making money and they even try to defraud your acct. adding transactions that have never taken place...happened to me.

    stay away from them
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    thank for your feed back Bitstream.
    Options on FX is a topic with very very few informations around...
    Any comment with options FX on CME? spread? No many volume it's seem...
    For FX options brokers, it's seem that 8-10 pipes spread (theorical: same pb here, that with spot Forex :mad: ) is the best norm.
    Investigate for a broker and find this ones:
    -www.cfosfx.com (10) pipes (US)
    -www.cbfx.com (GB and US)
    Feel free to investigate yourself and let us know your comments.
    If you have one, and be happy (or not) with it, feel free to share.
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